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Decadent chocolate cake with layers of creamy caramel, brown butter cream cheese and chocolate covered Oreo crumbles 

Strawberry Celebration
Confetti cake, strawberry swirl cheesecake mousse, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and fresh strawberries

Red velvet 
Red velvet cake with Oreo speckled cheesecake mousse and crushed Hershey's cookie and cream bits

 Birthday cake 
Vanilla confetti cake with vanilla Swiss meringue cheesecake buttercream
chocolate birthday cake 
Chocolate cake with with Oreo speckled vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream topped with rainbow sprinkles 

zesty lemon 
Lemon cake made with fresh lemon juice with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream    

Banana Pudding 
Vanilla cake with banana pudding filling and signature whipped cream

Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate cake with layers of chocolate mousse, raspberry filling and milk chocolate ganache 

carrot cake
Spiced cake made with carrots, golden raisins, coconut shavings, and pineapples

Mango Strawberry 
 Coconut cake with mango and strawberry filling and signature whipped cream 

Bruce's chocolate 
Chocolate cake with layers of chocolate fudge frosting and chocolate mousse

Pineapple coconut
Coconut cake with pineapple and cheesecake mousse filling 

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